Federal Budget 2015: Small Business

Small business is a sector that came out a clear winner from this year’s Federal Budget. In an effort to support growth and employment, announcements included: tax cuts for every small business; accelerated depreciation for assets less than $20,000; an immediate tax deduction for professional expenses; CGT roll-over relief; and FBT changes for electronic devices.

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Federal Budget 2015: General Business and Tax Administration

General business announcements include: expansion of tax concessions for Employee Share Schemes; changes to the R&D tax incentive; a new tax system for managed investment trusts; streamlined business registration; and facilitation of crowd sourced equity funding. For tax administration: establishment of a Serious  Financial Crime taskforce; the value of penalty units will increase; GST will apply to imported digital products and services; and salary sacrificed meal entertainment and entertainment facility leasing expenses will be capped.

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Compliance regime for small business faces revolutionary change

The Board of Taxation has recently released a report titled Review of Tax Impediments Facing Small Business, which contains its recommendations to government on what it deems to be the main impediments to small business owners in Australia. The board is a body that was set up to look at various aspects of our tax system and make recommendations based on the board’s expertise.

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